Aluminum Pier & Piling Anodes
Name:Aluminum Pier & Piling Anodes

Product Description

Aluminum Pier & Piling Anodes

YGYY provides special aluminum anodes that prevent corrosion in seawater steel structure, which widely used preservative purposes hull, water tanks, water pipelines, port facilities, marine engineering, drilling platforms, condensers and pipelines soil medium. The performance of Aluminum anode is influenced by its’ chemical composition properties. We can either offer different alloy composition to meet different customers’ requirements, or we can produce special anode according to customer requirements.


The most commonly used aluminum anodes are Al - Zn- In series and Al - Zn – Hg series which are suitable of anode cathodic protection in ships, harbor and marine engineering facilities, seawater cooling water system, water tank parts and other storage tubes.

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