Aluminium Hull Anodes
Name:Aluminium Hull Anodes

Product Description

Aluminum Hull Anodes

Aluminum anodes have long been used in the fight against corrosion. Applications for aluminum anodes include ship hulls, tank interiors, offshore structures, submerged pipelines, piers, pilings, etc.  
YGYY aluminum anodes are designed for optimum performance under a variety of environmental conditions and temperature ranges. Cast in different sizes and weights, YGYY anodes provide maximum performance in seawater and brackish environments.

Aluminum Hull Anodes are for use on hulls of ships, tugs, barges, etc., operating in seawater.  All anodes are faired or tapered to minimize turbulence. Anodes are produced with mild steel core straps.


Typical Chemical Composition



Indium (In)
Zinc (Zn)
Silicon (Si)
Copper (Cu)
Iron (Fe)
Cadmium (Cd)
Others, each
Others, total

0.016 to 0.02%
4.75 to 5.75%
0.08 to 0.12%
0.003% Maximum
0.12% Maximum
0.002% Maximum
0.02% Maximum
0.05% Maximum

Performance Characteristics

Anode Capacity
Potential (Calomel)
Consumption Rate

1150 amp hours per pound (Minimum)
1.080 volts (Minimum)
7.6 pounds per amp year

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